Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Paul Janish Reflects on Having to Face Roy Halladay

Musing the prospects of having to face Roy Halladay is an exercise in welcoming upon oneself--to various extents (all significant)--a harrowing gravity. This wasn’t lost on the Reds' Paul Janish, and is reflected in the response offered when prompted to do just that.

Said the already light-hitting shortstop in the shadows of his locker:
O! who can hold a fire in his hand
By thinking on the frosty Caucasus?
Or cloy the hungry edge of appetite
By bare imagination of a feast?
Or wallow naked in December snow
By thinking on fantastic summer's heat?
O, no! the apprehension of the good
Gives but the greater feeling to the worse.

Upon which a tender scene played itself out. Outfielder Fred Lewis overheard Janish's lament, and offered to his teammate thus:
Each substance of a grief hath twenty shadows,
Which shows like grief itself, but is not so;
For sorrow's eye, glazed with blinding tears,
Divides one thing entire to many objects;
Like perspectives, which rightly gazed upon
Show nothing but confusion, eyed awry
Distinguish form... Despair not, dogg.
However kind, this was not enough to console Janish, who somberly--a broken man--replied.
Who shall hinder me?
I will despair, and be at enmity
With cozening hope: he is a flatterer,
A parasite, a keeper back of death,
Who gently would dissolve the bands of life,
Which false hope lingers in extremity


  1. Wait, what? Whoa!!! Donkeys are deep this morning!

  2. Janish spends the off season as Gary Sinise's stunt double.


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