Tuesday, May 10, 2011

PICTORIAL: ZWR So Cuttered Hoppy Wheat Beer Brewery Tour Update

(...previously on "ZWR's So Cuttered Iron Hill Craft Brew Odyssey.")

So this past weekend I was invited by Vince, Iron Hill North Wales' head brewer, to drink a whole metric sh*t ton of free beer tour the brewery and see up close the magic of So Cuttered Hoppy Wheat being created. And guess what?

So Cuttered Hoppy Wheat is still about three weeks from being "finished", but even in its unripe (technical brewing term) state I was able to taste it, and all I can tell you that it was like drinking a summer breeze. Okay that's a bunch of crap I just made up, but it was damn good unripe hefeweizen. If you don't believe me, ask my new stalker friend @petzrawr from The Fightins, who just so happened to pop into Iron Hill when I was there and seemed to agree (I let him have some):

I won't bore you with a bunch of more words about the trip--it was about as awesome as you'd probably imagine.

ZWR Beer, a Photo Essay by ZWR:

Glorious. Brought a tear to my eye.
Iron Hill North Wales beer cask/vat thingy #101: home of ZWR's So Cuttered Hoppy Wheat.

Here's Vince, pouring some ZWR nectar
Seriously, this is Vince's office. Being a brewmaster is hard work
Vince's white board of all the beers he's currently brewing.
Soon this will say something about ZWR beer on here
Vince is fargling SERIOUS about beer.
This was from his private backroom collection. He said it tastes like, "existentialism".
Vince insists that every guest to Iron Hill North Wales try at least 100 different beers each visit, so be sure to visit often. Luckily for you, the Cinco de Mayo PEPPER BEER  is now gone. Not so lucky: my esophagus.

A ridiculously great time was had by all (mostly me)

Thanks again to Vince and Iron Hill for making this all happen. It's all still very surreal.

Target completion date for ZWR Beer is early June - just in time to make its world debut at the Fightins Tailgate 2: Tailgate Harder on June 11. Assuming you're 21 or whatever, stop by and try some.



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