Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Queequeg Finds Out The Phillies Lost In The Middle Of The Night

Queequeg, on the heels of a long day on deck, had to take the boy-- QJ-- to soccer practice. Dinner followed, and after tending to random household chores (trash, emptying the dishwasher, etc.), frankly, he was drained. Prepping trips always seems more difficult than taking them at this age. Heavy-limbed, he fell into the basement sectional, put on the Phillies game, and quickly slipped to sleep. The offense didn’t help. Singsong lullabies of swings’ might nullified.

It's 2AM, and the cheesy Extra Innings guitar jingle awakes him. He steps out onto the front step and takes a few drags from his tomahawk. Addressing Mrs. Queg, who long ago went to bed, in his new-found domestic charm, “yeah, yeah… I know, I have to give these up.” Queequeg thinks to himself of how he saw a girl on his way to the docks taking a “walk of shame”. “Funny, we both feel the need to put our shoes on in private”, he thought to himself. But that’s not at all related.

On the dining room table sat his cell phone, blinking red. Text message- Tashtego. Before reading it, he recalls a conversation they had earlier by the gunwale, his fellow swearing with such certainty that he would wager a doubloon on the matter that he was more accurate from 60 paces with his harpoon than Danys Baez could prove with a baseball. “The implements of our trade...”, Tashtego had stammered, unable to finish.


Queequeg chuckled at his friend’s anger… and the ZWR reference. Humming We Didn’t Start the Fire, he checks Facebook. At this point he’s regaling in the hyperbolic discontent of his mates. Daggoo: “This offense is utterly horrific. Downright embarrassing.” Fedallah and Flask like this (the latter concurring with a bit of profanity). Starbuck doesn’t have an account, says he’ll never get one. Despite appearances, Queequeg is also upset. But what’s to do at that point of the night but go to bed? His dislike of Baez is particular. He would not eat him, even.

But he won’t proclaim anything. It’s not the time, and in this world it’s wise to know that even a coffin can serve as life raft in situations unimagined.

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