Monday, May 30, 2011

A Recap of Two Days Ago's Philadelphia Unions Game v. Raptors

Not pictured: Saturday's Union game

By Liam Davies (aka Simon Britishpants aka Sir Chester Chadsworth), ZWR's UK-based soccer correspondent

Right. I know the previous match report was 7 days late. What do you want from me? I submitted it to the editor for proofing at half 2 on Sunday but he dinnae publish it. It’s typical and what I’ve come to expect as a football fan in America. I got bumped for Chase, I get that. I got bumped for SRHPY and a 19 inning game. Fine, I mean Roy forbid we actually run several posts on this blog in one day, I guess the royalties he pays MSPaint prevent that. But to be bumped for a bachelorette review? The world’s game gets bumped for a bachelorette review? Oh, and ZWR states “Hey girl, you know you’re my only, you’ll own the weekend on this site with last week’s game (it’s a match, you donkey) and today’ game.” Oh wow, I get to dominate a pop culture bolg on Memorial Day Weekend when the site MIGHT, MIGHT get 20 hits. Whatever I’ll not be arsed about a site that can’t bother to even send me a tee.

Horrid… shambolic… nothing quite captures the state of TFC’s defense that exposed Frei, the TFC keeper, to an assault that will surely have him seeing blue and gold in his nightmares. Six goals for, two against. And it easily could have been much worse. The shellacking administered by our side was reminiscent of a Champions League team beating a youth reserve side… from a third division club. You’ve seen poorly constructed pick-up teams at the Saturday morning game in Fairmount Park maintain their shape better than TFC’s back four. Not three minutes in and Farfan the Younger chested a cross from Harvey before firing past the TFC keeper. Mapp and Nakazawa also tallied in the first half, the latter after a brilliant display of one touch football featuring a backheel from Mwanga and the side went to the dressing room ahead three nil.

If I’m being honest with you, at that point I went out to the garden with the lad. My wife did not want me memorializing my American cousins by being attached to the telly for the afternoon and with the Champions League final coming up, I reckoned the best course of action was to get the kids properly knackered so that I could enjoy Barca-ManU in silence. When I came back it was 5-2 – feel free to consult MLSSOCCER.COM or my TIVO for the 4 goals scored in some pulsating, back-and-forth (if altogether poorly played) football. Two minutes before stoppage time, Mwanga pushed the 6th past the beleaguered Swiss keeper. The referee exercised his discretion and did not allow stoppage time as he too wanted to see the Final. With NYRB dropping two points away to Vancouver, the Union stands top of the Eastern Conference table with a game in hand.

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  1. Really it was outstanding match the defended team and attacking team both perform really well.


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