Monday, May 16, 2011

So Roy Halladay Pitched Yesterday (5.15.11 v the Braves)

My buddy, who is away at a Caribbean resort and was by all accounts poolsidedrunked beyond belief last night summarized things rather aptly when he emailed me, "HY PHLLIES SCORE A [--redacted--] RUN PNCE IN A WHOLE HOW BOUT IT? !" Frustrated as we are, it may just be that we're in that annual stretch where the team struggles a bit offensively. That we're getting 16 strikeout performances from Clifton Phifer and Roy Halladay's breaking faces somehow seemingly compounds the frustration. We've seen it before, hunger strikes by team bloggers and all.

Because I like them, here's a chart illustrating how HLHIII's run support of late has been poop:

Throw your hands up, be frustrated... and then remember that we have a wonderful team that's won the last four division crowns and has a .641 winning percentage. Dry stretches happen in a long season. It happened to Roy in 2010, and he won the Cy Young.

As for the line: 8 IP, 8 H, 3 ER, 7K (5 cuttered, 2 so cuttered), and one gut-punch of a home run to Dan Uggla in the eight that totally stunk. Ohwellz.


  1. We need to trade Halladay! For whatever reason, this team just doesn't play good for him!

  2. These donkeys need to start hitting


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