Thursday, May 26, 2011

So Roy Halladay Pitched Yesterday (5.25.11 v the Reds)

Editor's Note: Dude, I know. Yes- all of it. Yes- Wilson Valdez. I know!!! That'll come in other posts today. This is just SRHPY. No, I know. I won't forget that. Calm down, it's gonna be a clusterduck QUACK be we got this.

The nerds at Baseball Prospectus explain BABIP as  "a pitcher's average on batted balls ending a plate appearance, excluding home runs." Inferior to GROwL, it is nonetheless an interesting measure. Apropos of that dorktastic intro, Roy Halladay got BABIP the BABIP up last night by the Reds. Everything donkey cue shot, dribbler, and blooper seemed to find green, to the tune of 11 hits over 7 innings.

"OHMYGOD ZWR he got rocked, huh?!?!?!" Well, not really. As a testament to just how amazing Doc is, he was able to manage his way through the muck (I'm so unbiased, right?) and get our heros to the bottom of the seventh tied at three.

Steven Falk, (awesome photo btw)

After and beyond all of that... basically the wait whatiest game since Ryan Howard got ejected by a AA fill-in and Roy Oswalt played left field last year. To which I now must turn my attention. See you soon.

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