Saturday, May 28, 2011

ZWR in Wild, Memorial Day Weekend NYC Takeover + Ch-oooooooooooo-Ch Edition

In this edition of ZWR in the Wild, some donkeys get lots of airtime at Citi Field, Aileen and her friends rock CHOOOOOOOCH shirts, some kids get drunk before the epic 19 inning game, an adorable little girl sits in a purple chair, and: stromboli.

These dudes got a lot of airtime during Friday night's game. Well done, donkeys.

BONUS! Here's a crappy video of the broadcast!

This was actually taken AFTER the 19 inning game at like 7 in the morning. Little did they know hours earlier that Wilson Valdez would also be breaking faces. For the record, that's @phillymike, @meghanxrino, and @dixonij


BOOM. T-SHIRTS YOU CAN WEAR WITH FRIENDS AND GET ON TV. Aileen and her friends weren't on TV this time, but don't worry...they have something much bigger in store in the future (Hint: she bought a lot more than 3 of those shirts)
@mleif sent me this when I asked for a screenshot or video or sketch of the donkeys featured in the first pic. Who see the donkey say yeah!

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