Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Charlie Wants To Go To The Movies

Charlie wants to go to the movies.

by @cranekicker

Ok look like Ruben said we needed to do some old fashioned male stuff together or somethin to get this team right so like I said we could all go to the movie theater. What do you guys wanna go see?

Dude movies yes popcorn Goobers Snowcaps yessssss can we see Green Lantern I wanna see Green Lantern Green Lantern Green Lantern Green Lanternnnnnn!

Green Lantern ain't out yet bro. Get it together.


X-men? We ain't goin to go see no dirty movies Valentino grow up.

X-Men isn't a dirty movie Charlie LOLOLOL it's a comic book movie gosh Charlie you are funny it's a comic book hey comic books let's go see Thor!

NO CARTOONS NOW CUT IT. Anyone else have somethin in mind? Or like am I gonna have to tell Ruben no one wants to do it and then YOU guys can deal with him.

Wut about Fais Fie?

Sorry Winston no foreign films. Anybody else?

HOW ABOUT Something Borrowed?! I heard it was great...and that Kate Hudson....wow what a performer.

Oh jeez here we go......

Oh Ryan what-ever like you didn't think How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days was totally awesome. It was so clever!

Now listen up, we ain't seein no movie with a girl who had relations with A-Rod. Next.

How about Midnight in Paris? Owen Willlsssonnnn.......

Seriously like you ain't invited to the movies no more go play catch or something with that kid who got traded to China once.


Hmpf.....FINE. But if he brings up Survivor ONE TIME we're fighting.

Yeah whatever I don't care see ya. Hey Howard - you pick somethin.

Hahaha I vote we let Sardinha vote. DANE, PICK A MOVIE.

Please stop shouting. Oh my god I am never drinking again.

Boom! Hangover 2, bro. Leggo.

Ok good but like I definitely ain't sittin next to that guy.


  1. I've cooled on Woody Allen after he stopped using Scarlett Johansson. Three little words...tree of life.

  2. good...not your best work...but then again it's you.

  3. After "Sorry Winston, no foreign films" I couldn't stop laughing. By the time I got to the picture of Sardineface at the bar, I peed myself.

  4. Yeah, I'm with ChoochAndChong. This was not a topical post at all and you definitely should have saved the Dane Sardinha passed out a bar and the Hangover 2 jokes for, like, next week. It would have been so much funnier then.

  5. Oh-hooo, sarcasm from some anonymous douche over the internet. My heart has a sad...

  6. Ruben Amaro Jr actually comes to the movie theater I work at all the time. I always give him free tickets. I shook his hand and thanked him for Roy Halladay. I would have hugged him for Cliff Lee but he said he would press charges

  7. Four stars! A must-read! This summer's feel-good hit!

  8. Lmao. Nicely done. I don't think anyone will ever top the Spelling Bee one though. That one still has me laughing. Especially the part about Kendrick.

  9. wow, Lexuhbooz, thanks for sharing about your lack of bladder control. Maybe you should work on that. It could be embarrassing if you ever step away from your computer and into the real world.

  10. This conversation is totally fake. Herparino said like 3 sentences without an "like I said"

  11. did Cole lose the "ya'kno"????????

  12. I just got my ZWR shirts today and I'm going to the zoo this weekend. Should I wear the 2011 We Have Shirt? The Ask Me About Our Pitching Rotation Shirt? Or the So Funnered Shirt??

  13. Now listen up, we ain't seein no movie with a girl who had relations with A-Rod.

    Now, THIS is why Charlie Manuel is a great leader. They oughta be studying this stuff at Wharton.

  14. best post EVER!! yes EVER.....ok kelly kapowski comes close...:-)


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