Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Comprehensive Phillies/SAWX Series Preview (2 of 3)

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  1. Critical Examination Continued:

    The Holy Butt cliff lee image posted above does create a clear naritive in line with today's game against the Red Sox. Will Hunting (Representing Red Sox Nation as seen in my previous critical examination of these images) is attempting to "Solve" the problem of Cliff Lee.

    His expression "Holy Butt" reflects the difficulty in which he is having navigating the particulars of how to mount an offensive on the American League Cy Young Winner.

    I applaud you on your clear and coherent point made in this attempt at comedy.

    I am confused though as to why he would be repeating the ZWR trademark phrase "Fargle Bargle" on the wall unless he has been so mystified by the Cliff Lee question that he has no other recourse than to express his anguish to the students of MIT. Further research must be done to answer this ponderous question.


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