Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Don't Be Sad, Lance Berkman

ZWR reporter Dennis Deitch caught up with the Cardinals slugger Lance Berkman last night, and asked him how he felt in the past after having faced Roy Halladay (as he will again tonight, without the assistance of future Phillies left fielder Albert Pujols).

All woes of all men sat upon thy soul
And all their wrongs were heavy on thy head;
With all their wounds thy heart was pierced and bled,
And in thy spirit as in a mourning scroll
The world's huge sorrows were inscribed by roll
To which quipped Deitch (his audience hardly amused or impressed that he's ne'er to miss an allusion), "Swinburne-- you're roasted!"


  1. did you know that koalas have pouches? someone once told me this. i forget who. must've been something i overheard after stumbling upon those stubborn sparrows always quarreling in the g'dang eaves.

  2. i'm also obliged to inform you that, in ensuring that i'm not a spam-bot targeting nonsensical bolgs, my confirmation word was "pregagge". that's bad news, koalas, man.


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