Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Double Dip

Years ago, when I was just some donkey college senior, I found myself in a Tuesday/Thursday class rotation of Geography I (me, 13 freshman, & half the basketball team) and International Business ("Scariest syllabus ever I hear this prof is hard wait what's this new multimedia room that book is thick, yo").

Similarly (I guess), the Marlins find themselves this morning waking up hungover in their twin bed, nestled in all ignorant of life and dumb under that Pearl Jam concert poster (“Bro, swear to God, it was a fourteen song encore!”). Rocks for Jocks at 10, a guaranteed D at 1:30. Thing is, even though geography class was supposed to be the easy one, it had its moments. Plus, the subtle premonitions and anxiety over what came later in the day sometimes had me confusing those stupid fargling lakes and mountain ranges.  Just breathe, the Marlins. Tell yourselves it'll all be okay.

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