Monday, June 27, 2011

A Good Day

Sunday, June 26, 7:45 AM. 

The alarm clock goes off. 

Domonic Brown instantly smacks down on it and shoots out of bed. He sprints down the stairs, unlocks the door without so much as stopping, and gets to the morning paper sitting on his lawn in 3.29 seconds. With the aid of a smooth pivot and burst, he just as quickly gets back into the house.

“Dag, I never saw anyone in pajamas move that fast!”, comments his neighbor.

Without hesitation Brown pours and eats a serving of healthful cereal. He dutifully washes the bowl and places it in his dish rack.

“No dishwasher this morning, I’ll do it!”, he confidently chimes as playfully dusting the nearby maple cabinet with an outstretched index finger. 

With a dash he’s back up the stairs, which he bounds three at a time. He changes into clean clothes while brushing his teeth. Brown flosses expediently. He rinses with mouthwash, and each swish of the liquid from cheek to cheek creates even more rinsing, minty bubbles. Such a laudable effort. Bed made, lights out, a soldierly double check of the bedroom complete, and with the same haste he’s once more down the stairs and, with a blur, out the door.

The rookie right fielder glides to the freshly washed and waxed Nissan Maxima parked curbside and unlocks, opens and takes his place behind the steering wheel in one graceful, efficient motion. No time to adjust the radio station, he leaves it on whatever was last playing for the duration of his morning commute. Brown barely notices the morning chirps on 610 WIP about rookie laziness and the lazy discourse regarding the work ethic of the prototypical "Philadelphia athlete". The traffic lights all smile upon him in green and yellow as he buzzes through intersection after intersection without pause, maintaining his brisk pace.

A local police officer turns his attention back to his morning joe after clocking the Kid at 42 miles per hour in a 35. He's over the speed limit for sure, but not so much as to be reckless or warrant disciplinary action from the fuzz.

Upon arrival at his place of employment, Brown immediately changes into his athletic attire. Before anyone can take notice, he’s the first player on the lush green grass, stretching. With youthful exuberance the youngster breaks into non-mandatory sprints. 

My, how he moves when that motor is at full capacity! It’s truly a thing of beauty. As the sun climbs so does the intensity of Domonic’s routine: calisthenics, batting, fielding, strength work. 

Never one to shun the mental regiments, he recedes into the locker room to watch scouting video of the day’s opponent. A call to pre-game meal beckons, but the young man takes his plate right on back to the television. 

Every second matters, and there’s more studying to be done.


  1. First on the field? Halladay must be running the stairs then.

  2. In what alternate universe would this happen ???

  3. Isn't this the same dude that was watching Swamp People on his Iphone during a recent film session?


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