Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Non-recurring Weekly Feature: Random Photoshop Thursday!

Hey everyone, ZWR here.

I'm introducing a new non-recurring weekly feature called Random Photoshop Thursday. It's where I have nothing else to post so I throw up a couple facebreaking 'chops (as the kids call them) and call it a day. I hope you enjoy them and post them to your Tumblrs and Google+ accounts and re-tweet them to all your friends and coworkers. You do know your company is monitoring your twitter account, don't you? Oh.

Vance Worley pitched last night and his nickname is The Vanimal and this is a photoshop of him:

No seriously, I'm totally renting out a whole theater when the new Muppets film comes out

I have no idea what prompted this or what made me think of doing this (long story- don't ask), but I love the whole concept and I have been laughing at it for like an hour even though I made it myself, so here you go:

Can't turn off the swag!


  1. Why don't you turn that "Vanimal" concept into a t-shirt? I'll take props haha

  2. MLB and Phillies need to start making stuffed Vanimals.

  3. Thanks for sending the link my way. Hope you don't mind while I use the pic for a couple days in exchange for a few "Go to ZWR"s.

  4. Haha. I love it. Especially The Vanimal one. Nice work.

  5. I want to go to a launch party with Jimmy Rollins. Always stay on your grind, cuz. We gotta get this.


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