Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So Roy Halladay Pitched Yesterday (6.21.11 v the Cardinals)

Dude for real? Really?!

Roy only gave up four hits and a run through six, but since the offense (excluding Chooch) couldn't do butt got lifted for a pinch hitter (The Rake) in the top of the seventh. Yeah of course then they scored twelvity runs off some Amish guy and a cavalcade of donkeys and space cadets and won 10-2.

I should be happy with the outcome, and I am, but it's just that HLHIII deserved better. Our hero took a no decision, which of course doesn't even bother him since he's basically the hardest-working, most selfless guy in the league.

What does Roy Halladay do when he only throws 97 pitches? That's his warm-up routine, you say. Well we all found out this morning. He also made the team-- and the entire hotel staff at the Downtown Sheraton-- pancakes (with a fresh fruit medley and blueberry compote!).

God love him.

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