Monday, June 27, 2011

So Roy Halladay Pitched Yesterday (6.26.11 V's the A's)

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As, adverb, \az\
1: to the same degree or amount (“As awesome as stromboli”)

2: for instance (“Various blogs, as The Good Phight or Phuture Phillies”)

3: when considered in a specified form or relation —usually used before a preposition or a participle ("The funnel cake I bought, as opposed to the one Todd Zolecki still hasn’t given me")

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A's, noun, \ayez\
1: A collection of whack busters who can't score runs against Roy Halladay ("The A's? As if they had a chance")

So midway through the game yesterday I turned to the Nag and asked, "Who's the only franchise to ever be contracted and never stop playing?" She stared at me blankly while checking on her phone. "The A's! Get it? A contraction. Their name!"


Wait what.

HO HUM. Another complete game/no walks/a lucky run on a few bloopers facebreaking win for Roy. And the odd thing is he wasn't even as "on" as we've seen him capable of being. Think on that: not his total A game (no pun intended), and he throws up that kind of performance. We're very lucky, kids.

The line: 9 innings, 8 hits, ZERO walks, 14 broken bats, 1 stupid earned run, 4 strikeouts, 110 pitches... YAWWWWWN

Basically, Rickie Weeks' brother Jemile "Lil' Rickie Not Richie" Weeks, was all, "Yeah sorry, I got nothin'". He does have future swag potential, though, and for that we're thankful. Lord knows the A's have been sorely lacking it.

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  1. Your bright and cheery illustration of Jemile does not begin to get across the putridity of the A's uni colors.


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