Monday, June 6, 2011

So Roy Halladay Pitched Yesterday (6.6.11 vs. Pirates)

I mean, is there anyone you'd rather have on the bump when trying to pull free from a funk? Anyone you can count on to keep things to Contreras, Tony Bastard, and Madson (if that)? Anyone for whom you can write down those six plus innings in pen before the first pitch? Anyone who guarantees no stupid crap is going to happen?

"Yeah I know but how did he pitch ZWR?!?!?!!!" He was Roy Halladay. 7 IP, 6 Ks (4 cuttered, 2 so cuttered), only one walk, and 2 suspect earned runs. "Wait what, suspect?" You don't get this look unless you deserve it: again

But it's okay, stupid home plate ump who's lucky he didn't get his face broken off. Donkey second base ump swindled the spotlight by hosing Dom Brown out of an RBI single (see what I did there- hose?). Actually, let me take this as an opportunity (it is my bolg and all) to point out that Dom was tremendous. He was a human foot and about ten distance feet away from an eleventeen RBI, two home run performance. Kid rules. 

Also dominant at the plate- Roy! Ainoes rite? Warning track bomb, single, run scored (featuring a cool slide into home). All in all, a good win for our heros featuring a studly performance by our heroest hero. 

What else? These lovely, fashion-forward ladies got to see it in person:

Carley and Kate <3

So I guess that's it then? Oh that's right! One more. WPHL's post game show was feeling the flow (again):

Thanks Petsrazor


  1. Just imagine if I pouted like Roy

  2. The are lady readers of this bolg?!

    (*straightens necktie, licks hand, mats down cowlick*)

  3. *"There are"

    It's hard to type funnies whilst hurriedly gussying yourself up.

  4. Only the most charming, lovely, and tasteful ladies around, young Danger.

  5. You forgot to mention the blazing speed and reckless abandon that resulted in the Phillies fourth run of the game...

    Photo evidence


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