Wednesday, June 22, 2011

ZWR EXCLUSIVE: Tony LaRussa's Lineup for Tonight's Game

It's no secret that Tony LaRussa has been a smug donkey for years and years, but given last night's proceedings from baseball heaven he may have finally fallen off the edge. Not only did he pull a side-arming lefty reliever (LOOGY!) to bring in a hard throwing right-hander to peg Ryan Howard, who literally has never had a hit against a side-arming lefty reliever, but he also then made 11 consecutive pitching changes in one inning. Oh, and he also batted the pitcher eighth. It's genius, you see, because it's fun and effective to humiliate players!

Well, now I finally have proof that indeed LaRussa has embraced madness as his official managerial style, or is back on the Banker's Club, or both. ZWR sources in and around St. Louis were able to independently obtain and confirm that the following picture is actually the Cardinals' lineup tonight, as filled out moments ago by skipper Tony LaRussa:

What a lunatic.


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