Saturday, June 18, 2011

ZWR In The Wild: Face-Breakingly Adorable Kids Edition

I love kids. No lie, I do. Yeah they're dirty and loud and mine just woke me up at 6:30 on a Saturday, but their flickers of awesome (said WAAAH sat on my lap and read a Muppets book (melt!)) outweigh the "dude are you sh***ing me" spells.

So I dig this ZWR in the Wild a little extra. I'm thinking more than white guys tailgating while drinking from vortex bottles and bro-fiving (dude calm down I still love you) but less than strombolis wearing plaid scarves (duh). Enjoy.

@muddzk and her foam-fingered, fifth starter, Phanatic loving nephews

"Holy Butt, Cliff Lee!"

You ready for this?

I mean, it's fargling amazing.

Topical, too.

Yay, the summer.

Yay, the beach.

Yay, boardwalks.

Yay, the ocean.

Yay, life.

Dude these aren't even my kids but I might frame this and hang it in the den.


  1. this is way more uplifting than the fightins post for the day.

  2. If I had kids I might take one of those matching shirts mothers day photos at JCPenney but we'd all be wearing ZWR classic ringer tees.


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