Wednesday, June 15, 2011

ZWR In The Wild Fightins Tailgate 2 (Tailgate Harder) Edition

There actually aren't too many pictures in circulation from Saturday's events, which may be a good thing. At any rate, here are some for the kids in the crowd who like their music loud.

Alex rocking a CBP (omfg) alongside The Godfather:

How adorable are @d_agostino and Casey?

PetRazor and Ruben Amaro Jr (or Mike) enjoying some #ZWRBEER:

Speaking of #ZWRBEER:

Me, Spike Eskin (nice tats), and John Gonzalez:

VINCE!!! and his way, way, way better half:

Actually there aren't even any ZWR shirts in this next picture but there are pretty girls and stromboli so I'm posting it:

Yeah so there you go. Also, a billion thanks to the folks I got to meet who had kind words for the bolg - I am incredibly grateful for them and your support (awwww). Also also, thanks to THE FIGHTINS (my favorite website and staff ever) for hosting such an awesome event. You guys are the kings.


  1. I have no recollection at all of that picture being taken.

  2. Peep my new website -

  3. That Strombolis looking pretty hot.

  4. The Razor actually requested that we get that pic. I thought it was gay. Also, while I don't mind being compared to Ruben Amaro, Jr, (The Dealmaker), please remember its Philly Mike. Gotta pimp my brand yo

  5. Haha, you *did* wear light blue shorts, Rick.


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