Sunday, June 26, 2011

ZWR In The Wild (Humans and Beer Stuff)

Hey donkeys. Sorry about not posting anything to the bolg the last few days- I was busy having to pretend to be a real adult. It was odd, but I'm okay so don't worry. On to awesome people and SCHW related pikachus:

This is the coolest kid ever. When people saw that hat/shirt combination they had no choice but to be in awe. Jessica (who submitted the pic) tells me random folk bought him eleventeen funnel cakes, cotton candies, and helmet sundaes before she had to tell them to cool it in the top of the third. BOOM:

ZWR is all about family (and shirts that violate the MLBPA's sensibilities and get their stupid interns in a tizzy even though WINNIE COOPER loves them and even wore one when she transferred to Lincoln and started dating that boulder head Roger):

As y'all can tell by now, I love that crazy Vince made our beer. It's probably the third best sports-related thing to ever happen to me behind Jorrick Calvin's kick return against Dallas and the time my best friend hit what would have been a game-winning home run in our 8-10 little league championship but the ump called it foul when it was really fair and we wound up winning and I got the save and threw my glove in the air. In conclusion, yes please SCHW- a pictorial:

Ohai I should order that with my sampler thingy!

Yeah that's right yous drank mines first and now it's GONE

Order another one, promptly. Maybe put your hat in 
the middle of the table, too. You know, just cause. 

People from twinker who sent these go follow them: @topherstarr, @jessicaeryn, @phallguy1, @jaayyboo

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