Thursday, June 2, 2011

ZWR Wants To Give You Free Tickets To A Concert

So I got the following from Andrew Miller, who is promoting the below-described show and wants to give FREE TICKETS to two of you donkeys. Read it, then my crap below it on how to enter/play/participate:

On Monday June 6th, The Baseball Project will be playing The North Star Bar. This is a huge show for this long time REM fan as we welcome not only Scott McCaughey (long time REM side man, member of The Young Fresh Fellows and The Minus 5) to the North Star but Mike Mills, yes MIKE MILLS, who will be Pinch hitting for fellow REM bandmate Peter Buck at this show. The band is rounded out by Steve Wynn (Miracle Three, Dream Syndicate) and Linda Pitmon (Miracle Three).

The Baseball Project was started in 2007 to showcase the foursome's love for the National Pastime. As you might expect from these folks, you are going to hear some great Power Pop songs about Baseball. From songs about Mark “The Bird” Fidrych to Curt Flood and Free Agency to Steroids and Roger Clemens tarnished legacy to the big what if…if Bill Buckner didn’t let that ball go through his legs in the ’86 Series. Guest spots on the most recent album come from Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie), Steve Berlin (Los Lobos), Chris and John (of The Decemberists), Ira Kaplan (Yo La Tengo) and Craig Finn (Hold Steady).

Also just added to this show are Philadelphia Power Pop legends The Bigger Lovers opening the night up. And to top it off The Baseball Project have just confirmed that they will be singing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” at the Phillies vs. Dodgers game that evening (which of course will be on tv at the bar!). Man this is going to be one killer show, join us and get your tickets in advance as this one is going to be packed!
So there you have it. Good music + baseball. If interested, ZMail me a haiku explaining why we should give you the tickets. Entries are due by tomorrow (June 3, 2011) at 3PM, at which time I'll tell Andrew who to leave the tickets for at will-call. Note: Any entry that includes an MS Paint of the Losing My Religion video will be given extra special consideration. Ummmm... that's about it. Good luck!

Info Pack
North Star Bar
The Baseball Project

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  1. Haikus are so cool!
    How did you think of this, man?
    Penguins are stupid.


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