Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Do the Shane Trot

Hey everybody it's your old pal Craney guess what ZWR forgot to change the locks to this place again so I thought I'd stop by before I went to get a panini guess what apparently Shane Victorino had a little embarassing moment while rehabbing in Trenton lol home run trot on a foul ball lolol anyway here it is along with what may or may not have been going through his mind at the time thank you have a nice lunch.

"Ok be cool head down no big deal it's the minors don't even care just a homer done this like a million times in my life whatever ok high five whoever this coach is no big de.... HEY WHAT THE FRICK WHERE'S MY HIGH FIVE BRO?"

"LOL this place has so many signs on the fence it looks like that stadium the Mets play in except nicer and with a better team I wonder how long they will keep me here hopefully this homer should be enough to go ba... WHAT DO YOU MEAN GROUND RULE TRIPLE?"

"How many times do I have to tell these stupid people that I don't walk up to Bob Marley any more it's Rihanna my goodness oh well at least they play a song when I hit a home run although I do miss the bell a whole l... HEY WAIT PUT THE MUSIC BACK ON."

"Ya know even though this is a Minor League ballpark there have been a lot of stars to come through here I mean guys like Nomar Garciaparra and David Eckstein and even Derek Jeter played here befo.... WHAT ARE YOU KIDDING ME THEY PUT T MAC IN THE HALL OF FAME?"

"Hahaha that little souvenir should get me out of signing at least one autograph after this game smdh can NOT wait to get out of here everyone is always yelling to sign stuff just take the darn ball and go ho... WHAT THE HECK DID THAT KID THROW THE BALL BACK?"

"Charlie Charlie bo barley banana fana fo farley me mi mo marley... Charlie.... Brad Brad bo Brad banana fana fo fad me mi mo mad... BraaaaAAAOMG IS THAT SQUIRREL IN LEFT FIELD?"

"Just keep going and no one will know it's a foul keeeeeep running eyes closed if I close my eyes they can't see me just keep goi.... AH CRAP SNAGGED."

GIF courtesy of Grant Brisbee who broke the story. At least broke it to me.

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  1. Some day, I'm going to mature and think making fun of Vic's ADD or ADHD or whatever else he has going on is childish and insensitive. I hope it doesn't happen any time soon. Well done!


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