Sunday, July 10, 2011

HOLY BUTT, CLIFF LEE (a pictorial)

Reader Mary sent the following. I'll let her take it from here:
Just wanted to share these pictures with you from yesterday's game. I had these ZWR-inspired tshirts made for my boyfriend's birthday (yesterday july 9th). The fact that Cliff Lee hit his first career HR yesterday ended up making them that much more perfect. Here are pictures of the front, the back, and Wheels complimenting my boyfriend on the tshirts.

Oh and here is a picture of Roy before the game ( i cropped out a picture of some random girl because that just ruined it).

Thanks for the inspiration, i think it definitely sent good vibes to Cliff.

AWESOME. Thanks, Mary.

It makes me proud that you found inspiration in my random gibberish.

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  1. Great shirt Mary, but why do you date a guy that brings his glove to the game? Fail


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