Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Jack McKeon's Pre-Game Quote Reflecting on Last Night's Loss to Phillies

You all know by now that the Phillies beat the Marlins 1-0 last night thanks to a fine effort from The Vanimal and other rookies like Miguel St00ts and Tony Bastard. But what you may not have known about was Jack McKeon's propensity for flowery verse, especially after frustrating losses. 

Indeed. Ever the one for eloquent pontification, the Marlins octogenarian* skipper was his usual deep self when reached today for a reflection on last night's loss.

Quoth the Trader:
With scorn we'll faintly suffer so
A plight but that the suff'ring know
For empty pails no water bring
And parched mouths of no vict'ry sing.
Whoa. Deep stuff. 

Hopefully we'll get more poetic thoughts from Jack tomorrow, after his Marlins face Cole Hamels and our everyone-is-injured-yet-they-never-lose-and-we-still-complain Phillies.

*required as per the 2008 International Blogging and Notation Act (IBNA)

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