Friday, July 22, 2011

Rich Dubee and Greg Gross Discuss The Heat

"How about this heat?"

"Man, it's a scorcher!"
"I know, right? I'm burning up."

"Me too. I dropped the thermostat last night and was still toasty."

"Baking the walls."


"My grass is toast."

"Mine too. Good luck getting the wife to help with that."


"I can't remember it being this bad."

"Yeah... sure is somethin'. *keeps arms crossed* My phone said it may get to 103 today."

"Man alive."

"Darn desert weather."

"Humid, too."

"That can be even worse than the heat."

"Yeah, a dry heat isn't as oppressive."

"It's downright stifling. You can cut it with a knife."

"I got out of the shower, and by the time I finished drying myself I needed to hop back in."

"Haha, I hear you. Crazy."

"Who's pitching today?"

 "Hamels. It'll definitely be a bad hair day..."

"Ha." *shakes head disapprovingly*

"Yepppp, sure is a hot one."

"You got that right."


  1. I was going to post something else, but my "verify you are not a robot" word was 'metier'.

    I feel this new word needs a definition. Perhaps to describe something that is broke and also just not good at anything.

  2. Congratulations on the dumbest thing I've seen thus far today.

  3. Sounds like every conversation I've had with my dad the last few days. Did you guys pull a Murdoch on me?

  4. Man it's hot out there.

  5. The best was, "Haha, I hear you. Crazy." Excellent job, yo. As Shep n Gil would say, HATTERS GON HAT.

  6. all thats missing is the sound of a banjo in the distance and a spittoon.

  7. Metier is a word. "A trade, profession or occupation." So there.


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