Monday, July 25, 2011

So Roy Halladay Pitched Yesterday (7.24.11 v. Padres)

The collective storyline following Roy's outing in Chicago went something like this: "zOMG Roy Halladay melted he can't pitch in the heat ever never could this probably means he's too old oh dear the Phils' aging rotation is finally breaking down it likely won't be cold in October but if it does it surely then won't be a Doctober in Philadelphia is it too early to be concerned? NO! Be concerned zut alors it was nice while it lasted I hope he doesn't die on the mound on Sunday because it's going to be a a hundred and fifty degrees out poor guy is probably going to die right there on the spot and if so he's likely to lose again".

No overreaction at all.

So, I ask you--what did you expect the defending Cy Young Award winner/best pitcher on the best rotation on the best team/noted for his conditioning and work ethic as much as his ability specimen that is Harry Leroy Halladay to throw in the face of that sh*tshow?

8 IP, 2 ER, 8 K (5 Cuttered, 3 So Cuttered), win number 12, didn't pass out and wasn't eaten by real or symbolic vultures.

Take your absurd hyperbole and need for creating stories to fill space better left sleeping elsewhere, the world.



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  1. This one post contains the single most terrifyingly-pantshitting photo of HLHIII and the single most beautiful one ever. Internetz face = broken.


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