Friday, July 29, 2011

UFC 133 + ZWR + The Fightins + Beer + (stuff) = ZOMG

Hey kids, it's me, Zoo With Roy, founder and senior editor of I Want to Go to the Zoo with Roy Halladay, the world's foremost bolg about wanting to go to the zoo with Roy Halladay (check us out online at A position of such prestige sometimes comes with awesome perks: your own beer, getting to see Michael Bivins make a stinkface when they show your stick figure drawings on national television, stromboli, you know- all that crap. Well here's another hip one. 

The fine marketing folks at UFC were all, "zOMG ZWR UFC 133 is in Philly and you totally need to get donkey nation and The Fightins involved what should we do?!?!?!" I thusly responded, "Ummmm we like beer and the Phillies, and we both break faces (though in different ways), so mix that all up and we'll make the magic happen." 

With that was born UFC LIKES PHILLY. Check the link, but basically if you buy tickets for the event using the code "SOCIAL"you'll get to be part of an amazing package that includes drinking free beer (you have to be one of the first 100 people there but who are we kidding of course you'll get there butt early) with me and Meech while we tailgate UFC 133 and watch the Phillies and meet awesome UFC stars and get Phillies giveaways. I know, right? Crazy. We're the "sports bloggers" noted in the ad. 

Meech and I are also going to the fights, so after the tailgate portion your package includes the opportunity to buy me funnel cake and throw mustard packets at senior staff write Crane Kicker.

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