Thursday, July 21, 2011


Yesterday during the CSN broadcast, ZWR/Vanimal enthusiast and neo-celebrity @215Kate was spotted by a camera man with impeccable taste and fashion sense, and the following closeup of the WORLY? shirt appeared during the Phillies game for what must have been like half an hour, judging by the volume of tweets and e-mail I received. (Editor's note: Don't read that the wrong way, it makes me infinitely giddy)

Apparently, T-Mac even commented on the shirt's ironic and deeply rooted internet meme brilliance by blurting*, "AHAHAHAHAHHA Wheels, how about that! A Vance Worley fan group all the way here in Chic-ago! AHAHAHAHA. And hey, speaking of fan groups, Wheels, what do you think of Michael Martinez's performance lately, Wheels? Talk about an Italian Beef! AHAHAHAHA. Safe and secure with New York Life. AHAHAHAHA."

I love you, DVR

ZWR shirts are 15% off with use of the topical coupon code 'SOCUTTERED' at checkout? You didn't? Haha, no really, that's funny. But YA WORLY, they are. So if you're a hipster and want your torso zoomed the zoom in on for all the television viewing public, get to it.

Trade Deadline Note: Relax people. Have you learned nothing?



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