Saturday, July 30, 2011

ZWR In The Wild

Lots of pics came in this week, because you guys rule. Let's get to it. But wait actually before we get to it, I feel it my duty as a gentleman of some retail aptitude to remind you that all my stuff is still 15% off until the end of the month (Sunday). Use code 'SOCUTTERED' at checkout and then use the savings to buy a water ice for Hunter Pence.

Ok now let's get to it:

@meganklose eating healthy while looking stylish

From TJ Elliott...way too cute

@functioned also has a big old beer

"IH", @lifeaquaticBC

NICE SEATS @lexuhbooz

WORLY, @ambahjones? WORLY?

And also, this, from @hairmat. I love the world.

Oh hey, ZWR! What's up? Not much? Same here. Yea I know, this heat sucks. It's totally hot. 
As you know, my black lab, Toby, had surgery last Monday to remove some skin cancer. The incision was 12 inches long and just met the scar from his last cancer surgery a few months earlier. The vet said a bunch stuff like "this time surgery might not fix it" and "he might have a bunch of tumors on his spine" and "or it could just be lyme's disease plus a big benign tumor." They're doing testing to find out. 
Toby had two choices to avoid damaging his stitches: wear the dreaded cone of awful or wear a stylish tshirt of his choosing. 
Obviously, this all feels like poop. Toby is 9 so he's gettin' up there in age, but nevertheless, I was having trouble coping. So I turned to you in my time of need. I bought him a shirt.
As you can see, it is being held back by a hair tie (90's style) because my dog is a badass, stylish mother ducker. Now all the old laddy dogs are like "DAYYYUUUM EDNA! Did you see that that fine elderly gentleman walk past?"
So, thanks Zoo With Roy, for making my dog the 5th starter. 


  1. Feel better Toby! Hairmat, let us know he's OK please. :(

  2. My prayers go out to Toby to a healthy recovery!


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