Sunday, July 31, 2011

ZWR Life, Episode Number Eleventy

From Philadelphia Bolgging Media, and distributed by Penguin Radio International, this is ZWR Life. I'm ZWR. In our show today we examine how there are many sides to sports fandom, and two are hardly as pronounced as that which embraces the history of a given sport- its nostalgia, its ethos- and, well, another which facilitates, characterizes so vividly, pure childish immaturity. Neither is better per se, but both contribute to the fan experience. Our post today comes in two parts, the first, by ZWR Life correspondent JeniRay.

My name is JeniRae, and I like your bolg.

I sometimes even comment on your bolg. 

And, one of these days, I mean to start a bolg of my own. 

But I'm just a huge procrastinator...

Anyway, a few weeks ago, my longtime-Phillies-fan friend and I made the journey to Cooperstown, NY to visit the Baseball Hall of fame. And, of course, I had to represent not only the Phillies, but also ZWR. (cue music)

So here are some pics of me posing on the old seats of the Vet, as well as with the Phanatic. 

(Seriously. It is on my personal "bucket list" to dance with the Phanatic on the roof of the Phillies dugout @ CBP before I die...)

Enjoy, and stuff.

BTW, just ordered my WORLY shirt today. (stop music)

Because I love owls. And Vance Worley. And ZWR.

Keep the good stuff coming, yo.

Act Two, a story of emails sent at night. Late in the night. From Tim. And keep in mind when I say late, I'm talking well past when the bars close. 

The Rocky's

Ohai Me Again ... forgto to send jpg ... ssry!

SSRY!!! Got cuttered on some Jammy-Jameson... Way inspired... I think this is funny.. Donkey prix mite 2!!! Holla!!!

A dialogue betwixt Treach (10,000,000 K, 0BB, 100%HIP)[from Naughty by Nature] and DOMOnic Brizznown

Treach: “You down with LHV?!?!?!?!”

Domo: "Farg you not me!!!"


Treach: “You play at CCP?!?!?!?!”

Domo: “Farg you not me!!!!”


Treach: “Wanna play at CBP?!?!?!?!”


Domo: “Yeah, you know me!!!!”


Treach: “Who’s playin CBP?!?!?!?!”

Domo: "Not DOMO B!"

Our show today was produced by ZWR. Our senior producer is ZWR. ZWR is our program manager. Music help from ZWR. WPEZ management oversight from Mike Meechatia, who, when asked what he had for breakfast, responded,  "Got cuttered on some Jammy-Jameson".



  1. OHAI. I'm in ur bolg.
    Modeling ur shirtz.


  2. (ALSO-- if you ever see a timestamp on an email/bolg post/Facebook post/Tweet from me that is from AFTER THE BARS CLOSE, you can pretty much expect that whatever is coming next has been graced by the influence of some alcho-maholic substance.)

    Just sayin'...

  3. OMG they froze the Phanatic like Ted William's head!

  4. Is JeniRae doing Imma lil Teapot in that second picture?

  5. I know. Shoulda done the Crane Kick instead...
    My bad...

  6. You didn't do a duckface, so we're cool with the teapot.

  7. No love for wilsons hat?


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