Thursday, August 18, 2011

Medium-Sized Bolg Announcement

Hey donkeys. Tomorrow I leave for a bit of vacation, followed by work travel, that will carry through basically all of next week. I will have my smart telephone and what not to keep me in the loop on witty twinker banter, but I'm not going to have the time/resources to create face-breakingly amazing bolg content while on the road.

Fear not, though, as I'm leaving everything in the capably delicate hands of Crane Kicker, Danger Guerrero, and Spike Eskin. Exciting, right?! I didn't give those three idiots any rules other than to keep everything PG-13 and safer. We are, after all, a family bolg.

Nobody knows what's about to happen (actually, I do know that I set a few ZWR In The Wild posts for this weekend since you're all so great and keep sending in photos), but we're all safely assuming it'll be tremendous- and rewarding to you, the reader. After going to the zoo with Roy Halladay and getting funnel cakes from Todd Zolecki and stoking my ego and scoring playoff tickets at face value from fans and getting a beer made in my honor y'all are my primary most important key concern.

How could I not trust something this special?

No but for serious I am sorry to go but I do have a real life and I know the boys will take care of you and do an excellent job and when I come back you'll be like "dude go away again they're better than you are except for Spike's 4,500 word treatise on the Sixers" and then I'll be kind of sad but proud like a parent when they take their kid to college only I don't have to spend any money and I'm not old and don't drive a Volvo. Wait what.

Ok bye.



  2. can't wait for Spike's "I Want To Go Get A Manicure With Evan Turner" post

  3. As long as DG makes a Phillies High post, I have no issue with this.

  4. Should of asked John Bolaris....

  5. How about a discount on some t-shirts since your leaving those donks in charge of the site?ehhh?

  6. Just post a picture of that flipflops chick and we'll be OK.


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