Monday, August 22, 2011

Philadelph​ia Athletes as members of ABC's Bachelor Pad

I say that I watch Bachelor Pad because my girlfriend makes me, which is partially true. But it's entirely true that I enjoy watching because I'm in love with Ames. Currently, the only two things I watch are Philly sports and Bachelor Pad. Because of this, they are the only two things I think about. That and hot sauce. I love hot sauce.

Anyway, I figured it's only natural to figure what Bachelor Pad contestants different Philly athletes would be. It would also be a natural time to think about Ames.

Brent Celek is Vienna

Nose like Rick Tocchet? Check. Kind of cross eyed? Check. Thinks they're WAY better looking than they are? Check. Owns cheesy sports bar in Old City? Well, that's just Brent.

Shane Victorino Is Justin

When I think about Shane, I think "who would have the same love of Affliction t-shirts?" The only logical answer is Rated-R.

Ames Is Hunter Pence

Crazy eyes, check. Not much to say really, check. Still dreamy, check.

David Herndon Is Alli

You don't even remember either of them exist or where they came from until they appear on the screen.

Evan Turner Is Kasey

Evan Turner seems like a good guy, and Kasey is not a good guy. The fact that you wouldn't be able to tell them apart on the phone is the undeniable truth.

Gia Is Cole Hamels

The hot one that doesn't do anything wrong, but everyone still hates.

Roy Halladay Is Michelle

The one that everyone is not so secretly super-scared to piss off.

Ruben Amaro is Chris

The puppet master. Chris' manipulation of Ashley in the latest Bachelorette can only be compared to Amaro's of Ed Wade

Joe Blanton Is Erica

Same bra size.


  1. Werth could be Jake. Looks like he has it all together and says the right things. But has a dark, secret side and has been known to go off unexpectedly.

  2. Haha, "same bra size." Or in Joe's case, "Bro-size."

  3. Funny my boyfriend acts like I force him into watching, too. But the show is horribly addictive.

    Also: I'd like to suggest Jake is (was) completely Brad Lidge. He once seemed hot, very hot. Now he just can't keep his cool, and can't help but do the wrong thing.

    Cliff Lee and Roy Halladay are, of course, none of them.


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