Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Roy Halladay Dropped a Fargling Cuss Word Yesterday

As we know, Roy had only a so-so start last night (by his standards), so as you can imagine, he was less than a pleased (presumably with himself) when Charlie pulled him from the game with two men on and one out in the seventh.

However, because this is a family bolg, I've taken the liberty of bleeping out the gif so as to not offend any of the young future zookeppers out there.

WARNING: What you are about to see is graphic, and could offend some of you donkeys


Hat/Tip to Bill Baer from @CrashburnAlley, who totally let me gank this gif from his website without his knowledge, edit it for my own selfish purposes, and then retweeted the link to this post on Twitter. What a great guy, that Crashburn.


  1. I see you're taking a page out of the Kyle Scott school of journalism! Oh wait. Nevermind ... you actually did give credit!

  2. haha, I wanted to do something similar to this, but I suck at doing anything other than capturing video.

  3. Zoo with Wheels?!?! No thank you.


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