Friday, August 19, 2011

ZWR In The Wild: The Takeover edition

Hi guys. CK here.

ZWR took his talents to Tijuana so I'm kicking off the mop-up duty. Don't be sad, he'll be back. Hopefully. Customs might get a little weird about a suitcase full of Mexican tin art donkeys, but we'll worry about that later.


ZWR Superfanatic Anjali captured some incredible stuff while at the Phillies game last night. I'll let her describe the scene:

Dearest ZWR,

So I went to Thursday's win against the Diamondbacks, proudly sporting
my Good Game, Let's Go Eat! shirt. This first picture is me, with my
friend Dana in her Fightin's shirt. We're proud supporters of our
Phils bolgs.

Woah cool.

During the 2 hr 17 min rain delay we ended up stranded
in the suite section, and were passed multiple times by the currently
suspended Shane Victorino! We said hello when he walked by and got a
smile in response, but surprisingly he said nothing when we said we
loved him. In the second picture, that's him in the salmon shirt in
the background.

"Yes my shirt is salmon pastels are totally in can't look up now playing Angry Birds."

So when the game resumed we sat down in a closer
section, only to find out we were about 4 rows behind the Pence
family. This of course was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. The
last picture is me with Hunter's sister Royale and his mother. My
shirt earned me high fives and compliments from the Pence family. The
sister called out "Let's Go Eat!" to us as we left. Here's a link to
Hunter's website, so you can see that it really was his family!!

Hi Mom - thanks for everything. Wait what Royale Pence?!?

So thank you, Zoo With Roy, for giving me this lovely opportunity.
With Sincere Thanks and High Hopes,


WOW Anjali - thank goodness you stuck out the rain delay because this is a home run. The only thing missing from this night was a meet and greet with Ke$ha.

*T Mac segue* HEY SPEAKING OF KE$HA... *T Mac segue*

T Mac As... Ke$ha. Submitted by @mrpoods & @_magowan. Horrifying.

Happy Friday.


Mr. Magowan looked through the camera eye for over a minute and only took one picture.

Here's another ZWR In The Wild from last night's game featuring @_magowan alongside a fine young lady showing her..... support. Also take note of the dude in the background who appears to be having a staring contest with Harry the K's bronze backside. That or he's waiting for the Flash Mob to start. WE ARE!


  1. That photoshop is only slightly more frightening than the actual Kesha and Tmac.

  2. They're asking callers if they would go to the zoo with Roy Halladay on "beyond the basepaths" during the rain delay. Awesome.


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