Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Doctoberfest Pumpkin! A #ZWRBEER FAQ

As you likely know now that the news hit the City Paper, Vince's latest bolg-inspired creation hits the taps tonight at Iron Hill North Wales!

There have been countless fan and press inquiries, so I'm going to just post an FAQ for all you donkeys here.

Q: Can I get this at any other of the Iron Hills?
A: Nope. North Wales or bust. I only love Vince.

Q: What about Media?
A: No.

Q: Will Vince ship it to Qatar or Illinois?
A: No, I think that's illegal.

Q: Do they sell it in bottles?
A: No, just on tap.

Q: Oh, huh. Can I buy growlers and take twelvity beer home with me?
A: You sure can, Hammer! But you still have to tip the bartender when you do that, cheapskate.

Q: Wait is Vince really going to give me a free piece of pumpkin pie if I go to the keg tapping tonight in a ZWR shirt?
A: Yes, he is. NOMNOMNOM.

Q: Will it have whipped cream?
A: I am not sure, but hopefully Vince will read this and make it happen

Q: But why a Tuesday, broseph?
A: See, our Vincent Levavalier Desjardins is a legit beer nerd. He works in the industry. He uses hallertau hop soap. With that comes certain perks and responsibilites, like breaking faces at the Great American Beer Festival, which he's doing later this week. Everyone wish him luck!

Q: Is this the perfect beer to drink while watching Phillies playoff games?
A: Srsly? Yes.

Q: Wait didn't you say something about a tailgate? Is that happening?
A: Good question. I'd very much like for that to occur. But ... that requires me and Vince and the Nag coordinating a ticket purchase and quite frankly I'm an idiot so we'll see but if it does then we'll totally tell you and bring a keg and have tons of fun like we did at the Fightins tailgate FO SHO we just ballin like a baller do. Worst case scenario we'll have a game-watch at North Wales, because the Nag is insisting on cheesesteak egg rolls and this beer.

Q: If I'm a girl at the bar and I buy one for a guy will the night likely end with me getting smooches from said gentleman (but only the respectful kind)?
A: All signs point to yes. But make him buy you the beer- you're way too good for him anyway, sweetie.

Q: Wait, when you say it's only at Iron Hill North Wales, does that mean they have it at the Iron Hill that's by my house which is not in North Wales? Because that's so much more convenient for me and LOL where is North Wales anyway it's like so far from me I live in Delaware?
A: Dude

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Q: If I wear two ZWR shirts will vince give me two pieces of pumpkin pie?
A: Yes!

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