Thursday, September 1, 2011


***A CKMSNNHeadline News Exclusive***

As rumors swirl that the Phillies had landed John Bowker, fans begin to filter into the streets. Seen below is Bowker, en route to Philadelphia from Indianapolis, under the protection of a police blockade along the PA Turnpike.

Citizens of Philadelphia take to Broad Street in celebration as local Phillies reporter Mike Meech confirms via Twitter that Bowker is indeed a member of the hometown squad.

Other local media outlets also begin to break the news.

Phillies fans once again take over our Nation's Capital in support of their team.

Word quickly spreads throughout the Midwest.

Hawaii rejoices.

Polarizing journalism hits social media.

Celebrations in Italy unfold as the Bowker news begins to go global.

Rebels in Libya party like it's their birthday.

The Phillies fanclub in Afghanistan with their normal celebratory reaction.

The news was not totally well-received, however.

The scene in Atlanta.

Never one to hide his opinion, Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison chimes in on his Twitter account.

Fans remained ever eloquent in New York.

Looks like it's back to the whining in Beantown.

Fans in California riot, as expected.

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