Thursday, September 15, 2011

So Roy Halladay Pitched Yesterday (9.14.11 v. Astros)

Okay fine Roy's got this.

You're gonna play like butt? Sure. One run. Whatever.

Looking at Scarlett Johansson pictures back in the clubhouse? Have at 'em. Doesn't matter. Roy.

Roy Roy Roy Roy Roy Halladay. His effort yesterday- the vibe around the whole thing considering this series (to that note, don't sweat it) and the offensive output can be summed up in a picture sent in by reader Adam:

This is so scary yet comforting at the same time

Congrats to our hero on his 20th career shutout and eighth complete game of the year. Congrats, too, on clinching a playoff berth. 

Here's the line:

9 IP, 6 H, 1BB, 7 K (5 Cuttered, 2 So Cuttered), 86 strikes on 114 pitches. Here, let's look at that on a graph, because it sure is impressive:


  1. At the end of Lost in Translation, Bill Murray whispered "Roy Halladay."

  2. I love me some Scarlett Johannson.

  3. Anonymous - Yes! Now go make me a gif and I'll post it.


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