Monday, September 26, 2011

So Roy Halladay Pitched Yesterday (9.26.11 v. M_ts)

Raise your hand if you love Roy Halladay!

Raise your other hand if you love beating the M_ts! Okay you should probably now just wave them as if you don't care, because the 2011 regular season has been one great big party.

"No but ZWR tell me what happened *yesterday* I was busy watching Casey Matthews and Kurt Coleman get their GANG GREEN on!!!!!!!"

Yeah no problem I was kind of already about to do that; it was simply an introduction.

"Oh cool I just found it a little confusing and all because you mentioned the season as a whole and this is SRHPY yaknow?!?!?!!!!!!"

I mean, you can do this if you'd like. I'll give you an admin login.

"Stop being so sensitive and and just gimme the line, donkey!!!!!!!!!!"

Okay fine:

6 IP, 4 H, 0 ER, 3 K (2 Cuttered, 1 So Cuttered), 1 BB, win number 19 on the season.

"Sweet! The M_ts stink. Also, there's your opening to speak to his comprehensive performance."

Wait what.

"I know! What's going on? You're talking to yourself under the guise of a Q&A session with an unseen narrator."

Dude, stop.

"Instead of in that first paragraph, you could have jumped off of that '19th win on the season' angle to talk about 2011 as a whole."

Oh. I guess you're right. To that...

"Finally, jeez..."

Knock it off!

With his regular season workload completed, Roy's formal proposal to the Cy Young voters has been submitted. In my unbiased opinion, I think the 2010 Man of the Year pulls this one out in a squeaker. Not just because he's the most face-breaking, but also for what he (and the Phillies organization) represents.

On the one hand, MLB has a bellwether--the epitome of continued success.

On the other, the "opportunity" to reward a franchise whose derelict value system embodies the unfortunately modern American disregard for both financial and moral responsibility. I'm not saying that should necessarily be a deterrent for voters to consider Clayton Kershaw, but I will say that supporting that donkey for NL Cy Young is kind of like voting for white collar crime. And/or gang-related violence.


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