Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Vulgar Franchise Bolg Exclusive - Let's All Laugh At The Marlins (Potentially) Dumb New Logo

ZWR offshoot Strip Club With Stanton (which I totally dig but can't officially endorse because, well, it's raunchy and we're a family bolg (no for real don't click on that if you're going to get offended)) scoops (via some guy named Ted) what may or may not be the Marlins new logo (or something a random donkey made and posted to Photobucket).

Hey, tell you what: even if this doesn't turn out to be what those idiots go with we can still laugh at them.


  1. No offense, ZWR, but it's hard to call this a family bolg with that pic of Petzrawr on the side.

  2. you think with all the style in miami they could come up with something that doesn't look morbid.

    actually, if you take the photo negative of the above it actually looks better.

  3. Are they still changing name to Miami Marlins? If so, gives some credence to having a M logo...

  4. That's petzrawr? I thought it was Jonah Hill.

  5. At least they will think they look cool while getting cuttered.


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