Saturday, September 3, 2011

ZWR in the Wild - Saturday Swag Edition


You sure as heck got that right, JayPa:

This one comes from Mike, who requested this ZWR tank top for his girl and then took her to a SOLD OUT Joe Robbie Stadium to watch Logan Morrison draw attention to himself on Twitter, or something.

Thanks, Mike, and continued success:

This is becoming a PHL 17 tradition every time Roy breaks faces:

This guy claims his So Cuttered shirt is 9-0 now at games he attends, or at least that's how I interpreted his message:

@SusiKenna sent in more ZWR street art:

Hey look, the NL leaders in bombs:



  1. Thanks ZWR!

    Ps. Later last night we saw Ryan Howard, JRoll, John Mayberry, and Juan Samuel at the table next to ours at Mansion. Howard made it rain and our friend collected $27 which we used to buy pizza at 4:45. True fact.

  2. Wait there are home run leaders in that last picture?

  3. Sorry, I was looking at the boobs in that last picture.

    And I'm a girl...



  5. I still prefer pompomflipflop...or should we say, bombbombflipflop.

    Can you post a picture of her again for no reason?

  6. Hey Jay-
    Considering the passing game looked repugnant, shouldn't you be concerned about 'bamas defense rolling into town and potentially ending our entire QB corps? Just a thought.

    Look, we get it: your dad is awesome. I will make you a tshirt (or purchase you one from the fine store at this site) you can wear daily explaining that fact. Now go do your f'ing job and and get the qbs ready.

  7. the screen grab of home run leaders could not be more perfect. now when i see Howard at bat, I'll be thinking of that girl's rack,


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