Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Winner: Delicious and/or Adorable Division


Hey donkeys, Danger Guerrero here. Do you like Halloween? Do you like dressing up for Halloween? Do you like dressing up as something SUPER CREATIVE AND/OR AWESOME AND/OR SEXY (sup, ladies) FOR HALLOWEEN? Do you also have THINGS TO SAY, possibly in ALL CAPS? Well, I have good news for you!

This year, I Want to Go to the Zoo With Roy Halladay (the world's foremost bolg about doing... something) is holding its First Annual Halloween Costume Contest! We'll post some of the best submissions, with first prize being the opportunity to do a guest post on this very bolg on any topic you want. WHAT? I KNOW! Even if you're a stupid M_ts fan!

To enter, simply send a picture of yourself (or your kids or your pets or whatever) in costume to either me (dangerguerrero [at] gmail) or ZWR (zoowithroy [at] gmail). Your submission will then be compiled with the others and a winner will be selected by a very impressive and prestigious committee of international fashion experts (me, ZWR, and Cranekicker, natch... maybe Vince the Brewer).

Now, I'm sure some of you are thinking, "Well, I have a great costume that would definitely win, but I don't want a picture of me in a doofy or scandalous outfit posted on such a popular website for everyone to see." Fear not, hypothetical person! At your request, I, Danger Guerrero, will happily draw an MS Paint face over your actual face to protect your anonymity. For example:

Lookin' good, you two.

So when you go to your fancy Halloween parties this weekend, in addition to drinking a ton of pumpkin beer (adults only) and eating a bunch of candy, snap a picture of your costume and send it on in. You too could have a chance to litter this bolg with dated pop culture references and cockamamie theories about your favorite sports teams or breakfast items. The American Dream, indeed. Who knows, maybe we can even get Meech to throw in a free Fightins shirt. Also The American Dream. For some Americans. Probably.

Look, what's important here is this: Get an awesome costume and start writing down good ideas for guest posts. It's goin' down. Sing it, Michael.

NOTE: Members of the ZWR staff and their immediate families are ineligible for this contest. Which sucks, because I was gonna be a Chompasaurus. Once I figure out what that is.


  1. Damn it, now I need to go have a baby!

  2. Spamming for votes on behalf of my Roy Halladay pumpkin. Vote for #64 at

    Voting ends at noon on Halloween.


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