Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Boo at the Zoo 2011


  1. That's it? We went along together thru the highs and the lows and the real magic that is sharing in a community of Phillies fandom, coming to a sudden and bitter end, and all you share is an inscrutable web comic? I've loved this bolg since it started. "We didn't bolg the fire" Phillies High School, pompomflipflop, and so on and so forth. But we fans need some catharsis after seeing our hero go down to the dirt after a weakly hit final out. He gave it his all right up to and beyond the end. As a community team leader, you need to do the same.

  2. ZWR is concerned that since he is wearing a red challenge flag costume (this is a football reference) that anorexic Andy Reid will throw him into the lion exhibit and get eaten by the lion. Andy is often criticized for his misuse of challenge flags in important situations.

    I hope that clarifies the inscrutability of this web comic.

    Continued Success,


  3. Andy Reid only WISHES he could be that skinny and good looking.

  4. Ed, if you've "loved" the "bolg" since it started, you'd know that Phillies High School is on the Fightins, not ZWR. You'd also know that ZWR posted a SRHPY the day after the game. Pay attention and stop being a whiny birch

  5. I crave more catharsis than a mere pitching line in a SRHPY post. I'm not satisfied with Meech's response either, but his bolg is not as family oriented as yours, so I felt more safe commenting here. On the bright side, there seems to be a reliable stream of @ShaneVictorino tweets to keep me going until the hot stove starts up.

  6. zwr is also coping w/ the last phils game, penguins need time to heal too.

  7. Ed why is it this bolgs job to give you catharsis? You're a man, aren't you? Deal with the pain yourself, and let ZWR do the same.

  8. Ed- as Zoo posted on Facebook:

    I Want to Go to the Zoo With Roy Halladay:
    Chins up. Hug someone you love.
    Unlike · · Share · October 7 at 11:34pm via mobile ·

    What better catharsis could there be? Our boys blew it, and Zoo reminded us that there are more important things out there, and that we can and will move on. Health to Zoo, this bolg, and to our boys in red. Chin up, Ed.

  9. God bless you, Ed.

    May the legend of pompomflipflop live on!

    Here's a reminder — http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Tbjphtw91yU/Tk0H974VutI/AAAAAAAAAow/2lVx8seC2IU/s1600/pompomflipflop.PNG

  10. Why do people complain about bolgs and/or blogs? "Waah, I find the content I'm reading for free not to be absolutely everything I want it to be. Waah."

    Go start your own.

  11. And name it "I Want to be Cathartic with Ed Burns"

  12. Re: FB Post, thanks, helpful.

    Re: pompomflipflop, thanks, very helpful. She definitelt made it thru the rain, and found herself respected.

    Re: my own blog, I have one, it is cathartic, but has nothing to do with baseball. In the interest of non-donkeyness, here is a link FWIW. http://edburns.blogspot.com

  13. omg yes, please *THIS* is cathartic.


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