Monday, October 3, 2011

Doctubre Photoshop Extravaganza (Part 1)

Yesterday was butt, so let's start Monday off with something fun. Look, you're gonna have fun whether you like it or not so just smile and retweet this, okay?

As noted yesterday, in light of the fun that we had last year, and in an effort to distract ourselves from that which shall not be mentioned (I'm talking about the Phillies and Eagles both losing), this one has potential... and you donkeys certainly didn't disappoint.

In a bit of a deviation from standard form, the whole first batch is from the same guy, John (who clearly is already in postseason form).

So everyone cheer up. Many more to come later in the day (some real facebreakers in the queueueue, so stay tuned!). Feel free to make one and email it in.

Also, Tony LaRussa is an asshat. 


  1. oh man, I needed that laugh this morning. THANKS! :)

  2. I believe the proper spelling is "assgiles"


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