Friday, October 7, 2011

Oh We Got the 215 Up in Here

As a rule I am generally opposed to wearing caps to work if for it you have to dress up. Since my office is formal (penguin in a tux, duhhh), I never wear one. This morning--of course--was an exception.

So I'm sitting there on the commuter train that takes me into the city listening to music and sending some gibberish email to my buddy when the conductor stops after checking my ticket and sternly motions for me to take off my headphones. (Note: All of the following is made a billionty times more awesome by the fact that he looks almost exactly like the Gimbels store manager from Elf)

I take the headphones off; he gestures towards my hat.

"How are they going to do tonight?"

"Oh dude they're gonna win."

A humongous smile breaks across his face.

"Hahahaha... Doc Halladay!"

I nod, and crack a proud smile. We break into a conversation about where in Philly we're from and when another donkey overhears it he awkwardly blurts out, "I'm from the Northeast... Go Phils!" But we're okay with that.

As the conductor moves on back to work he turns his head over his shoulder and boasts, "Oh we got the 215 up in here!"

My anxiety dipped some after that interlude, largely because it reminded me of how much more these games allow us than we may realize on the surface (face it, we're spoiled of late): the chance for one Philadelphia "expat" to connect with another on his way to work, the small parties or bar gatherings with friends, imagining how we'll explain these series to our kids when they're old enough to understand, silly superstitions, phone calls that may not have otherwise happened... whatever. From the sappy to the stupid, it's all still ours.

Even letting your guard down and wearing a cap with your dork clothes. It's small, but it means something and is part of something bigger much more significant. Enjoy it-- all of it. 


AP Photo of Roy doing what Roy do, at 3:41 a.m.


  1. This is awesome! Heroes will be made! Faces will be broken!

  2. Cute ZWR. I love it. I love how when i got into my office today there was a post it on my door asking me to move my Charlie Manuel bobblehead to the awesome yet tasteful shrine at the reception desk.

  3. I love you for making me laugh today.

  4. Awesome.

    This may be corny, but I'm going to drop it in regardless:

  5. 215 is all up in the DMV!

  6. I'm wearing a phils shirt under my oxford today. it seemed like the only natural thing to do.

  7. I gotta fever.

    Morez We Didn't Blog The Fire Pleaz

  8. ZWR, this made my morning. We're having Phils day at the office this morning with soft pretzels and everyone except the lawyer from Boston (haha) is wearing a phillies t-shirt. it's glorious.

  9. So true! Excellent post.

  10. i dont understand all of this. where was he? on a train on the way to philly? more dramatic if he is outta town and randoms were claimin 215


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