Thursday, October 6, 2011

Roy Halladay Has a Reassuring Conversation with the Fan Base

"Oh my god Doc OMG this is so nerve wracking we might lose we could lose are we going to lose?!?!?!"

"No I mean I'm just saying they've got Pujols and Doctor Freeze he's on fire and the Red Birds are battle-tested it's an elimination game you never know anything can happen!!!"

"What if it's too cold to grip the ball or their BAPIB is high again and we get blooped to death and Ryan Howard's contract makes him miss the game I hear it's way too much and Chris Carpenter's pitching and some guys might be nervous what then?!"

"Was winning so many games and having such an awesome team a bad thing did we clinch too early why'd we beat the Braves oh man and can you believe Utley got caught at third I can't and these umpires are intimidated and Dick Stockley and Bob Brennaman are biased that probably didn't help and here we are at a do-or-die loser goes home no tomorrow situation my agida!"

"Oh. So you got this?"

Oh thank god.


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