Monday, October 31, 2011

URGENT: Pumpkin Roy Halladay Needs Your Votes

Reader Sam sent this in over the weekend, and I thank her (I say "her" because it was signed "love" and while I'm as socially progressive as they come still prefer to take that as being from a girl because girls are nicer) for it. Let's show how awesome Phillies fans are and win Sam an iPad or something by destroying a bunch of Patriots and Angry Birds (srsly, Angry Birds?) carvings.Voting closes at noon today, so go vote for #64 **NOW**!!!

Here's the link, donkeys.

Good job. Eagles Week 8 Report Card coming later today.

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  1. Farglebargle. My preliminary estimates indicate Pumpkin Roy lost by one measly vote: 173-172. Stay tuned for the official results, though, and thanks for voting anyway.


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