Tuesday, October 4, 2011

WE WON (Eleventy Pictures and Random Excited Talk)

We won we won we won hahahahahaha suck it LaRussa we won that double play was pretty fargling sweet wasn't it did you see Ryan Howard's fist pump damn straight you did how about that Benny Francisco huh I'm sure you were excited when you saw Brad Lidge Lidgey Pooh in there and remembered when Pujols broke his spirit and it was oh so close only it didn't happen but it's not that you lost it's that we won we won we won because the Phillies win that's what they do and it's what we'll keep doing baby CHOOCH.



Also, here are some sweet pictures from Game One by staff photographer pompomflipflop they're all artsy and full of aperture and she's amazing and I was going to post yesterday but the whole photojob thing happened then the interview with the Pulitzer Prize winner I mean you know but anyway she also just watched us win game three of the NLDS because we motherducking rule click and go to her Flickr set and just be amazed at how talented she is.

halladay winds up

fans on their feet

let's go phillies

Yeah I'm totally amped up right now.

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  1. I'm thinking a shirt is missing...it's the one with ben Francisco and the magical squirrel that Cole intentionally released into Busch stadium to distract the cardinals. Oh? It doesn't exist?

    Make it happen. Please.


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