Saturday, October 22, 2011

ZWR In the Wild (and the Pumpkin)

Jason carved a dual Flyers/ZWR pumpkin, to which I say "omg yes please":

Facebroke, yo

Sorry for the Delay
Okay here's the deal: I got this email the night of Game Four, so I couldn't post it right away. Then there were all of the pump-up videos and whatnot (worked like a charm!), then Game Five, then me being a miserable crybaby for a few days where I didn't post anything. But I loved it, and appreciate Becky and Carolyn's awesomeness, so here it finally is:

Dear Head Donkey:

As two best friends who met and bonded over a shared love of the Phils while in a foreign country, it is our collective dream to

1.) celebrate a(nother) World Series championship together and
2.) appear on our most favoritest phils bolg EVER: ZWR.

As faithful readers, twitter followers, shirt buyers, annoying nuisances (one of us made you draw her an MS paint portrait of chooch and a lion once, #ZOMGit'sBECKY!), and Philly natives, we feel we qualify for the honor that is ZWR in the Wild. We even roadtripped it from Delaware and Northern Virginia up to the North Wales Iron Hill Brewery (one of our hometowns!) to sample your fine Doctoberfest Brew (see picture) only to be told it was sold out :( We subsequently got smashed (Editor's Note: Way to be) on a variety of other beers, but nothing quenched our thirst quite as well as that rare craft beverage would have... except maybe a face-breaking win from Roy himself tomorrow.

Bottom line... can our picture count for being In The Wild? If you say no, i'm pretty sure there's a chompasaurusrex that will be knocking down your door for vengeance. #aloha. #chane.

resPectfully yours,

Carolyn and Becky


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  1. I like these chicks because they shouted out my Phillies High posts while shouting out ZWR stuff. VERY efficient.


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