Thursday, December 22, 2011

Go Win This

(Editor's Note: Hey kids, have you ever played fantasy basketball before only to realize it's pretty dumb and two weeks into the season you're looking at your team and are like "Wait what who are the Charlotte Thundercats? Is Alonzo Mourning still there?" Well then we've got the solution for that quasi-competitiv urge: a one day hoops league/contest/challenge thingy. You can read what the donkeys from TiqIQ told me to post below, but the long and short of it is you get to build a team under a salary cap just for the Christmas games and if you win you get free sports tickets and maybe some cash money skrilla. Furthermore, I'ma tell them to tell me who does best of the ZWR entrants - their computers can track that or something - and give that person a shirt, too. Okay, on to the official partner client communications!)

Join us for the TiqIQ/ FanDuel Christmas Day Give Away!

If you’re into basketball, we’ve got the perfect holiday gift for you: A FREE FanDuel fantasy basketball online game based on the NBA games played on Christmas. Build a roster of NBA players from the X-Mas Day games, and see how you do!

It’s free to register and play, and FanDuel is giving away a share of $500 to the top game performers. To make this holiday treat sweeter, TiqIQ will award a pair of tickets to the overall game winner to see their favorite team in action during the regular season.

Good Luck!

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