Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Phil E. Moose Photoshop Meme #HOOVESUP

(Are you allowed to create your own meme and call it that? How does this work--are there rules for this sort of thing? Anyway, I digress--)

In light of my official endorsement of Phil E. Moose as the Sixers new mascot, I felt it appropriate to creatively acknowledge the absurdity of a moose being named a mascot for Philadelphia sports franchise by placing said moose in random scenes where at first blush he would seem out of place, but upon further inspection seemed totally amazing and perfect.

As such, I present to you now photoshops of Phil E. Moose in totally ridiculous places:


As always, feel free to join the fun and submit your Phil E. Moose photoshops. Email me at zoowithroy-AT-gmail-DOT-com or send them to me via Twitter. If you want credit for your work, add a watermark.

I kind of like this thing where just happens to appear in random scenes and occurences throughout history, but you may wish to take a different approach.

I guess what I'm trying to say is: HOOVES UP, VOTE MOOSE.


From Kristi. Not the best technical execution, but made me laugh

From Marc. Subtle.

From Mark with a K Magowan, via Twitter

From Drew, via Twitter
Updated again!! 12.10.11 

From Tom

From Adam, who totally does NOT attend a Jesuit University

From WheelsFellOff

From WheelsFellOff

From WheelsFellOff

From WheelsFellOff

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